Students Requirements

Schedules and Timelines

One of the most important ways to be successful is to set yourself a scheduled time to do school work each day and stick to it. 

Don’t let anything interrupt your scheduled school time.

Regular Communication

You should communicate with your teachers at least once a week. A short email on how you are doing, any questions or lesson submission should occur regularly. Email is the most efficient and effective method. We will try to answer all emails in 24 hours or less. No email? No cell phone? Drop in once a week to the BROL office. 

Staying connected to your school is a sure way to experience success.

Stay Informed

The BROL website is the best place to visit to stay informed. Your report card is updated each time you submit an assignment. Visit your completion schedule once a week. The website is updated every day with all kinds of announcements and information.

Knowing your marks, knowing where you are in your courses, and knowing what’s going on in the school are key to success.

Unfinished Work

All assignments are expected to be completed. Your final grade will be determined by the weight of all completed assignments multiplied by the accumulated mark on submitted assignments. 

Final exams in all courses must be written or the course is deemed incomplete.

Extra Help and Guidance

Students may be taking school at home but they are not alone. Students can access help with their courses from their teachers in a variety of ways. 

We strongly encourage  students to contact the teacher when they need help.