Enrolment Eligibility

In alignment with Battle River School Division Online/Outreach Programming Administrative Procedure, all prospective students must be referred to Battle River Online by their designated school principal. Registration will not take place, without a referral. Admittance to Battle River Online will be subject to approval by the Battle River Online principal and the Battle River Public School Division Assistant Superintendent - Learning.

Registration involves a two-step process outlined below.

Step One - Contact your Designated School

Parents set up a meeting to discuss placement/program options, as well as fill out the Online or Outreach program referral form (Form 218-1). As part of this step, an administrator from the designated school will contact the Battle River Online principal to discuss the referral. This step also applies to families who have just moved into the area.

Step Two - Intake meeting at Battle River Online

This meeting occurs with the principal where parents learn about the programs at Battle River Online and express their withes for programming for their child(ren). Parents will be asked abut their child(ren)'s school history, including any special needs that the student may have, and their reasons for choosing an alternative education program.

 Principal/Parents/Students will discuss the following:

  • Operational details and expectations for the program
  • The need for parent commitment to the program
  • The need for student commitment to the program

If the parent(s) and the Principal are in agreement that the best suitable option or programming is Battle River Online, registration will take place. If you would like to fill in the forms in advance please click the link. There will also be forms available at the school. Also please bring a birth certificate, landed immigrant or resident documentation; a final report card from previous grade level; and any additional documentation in support of student needs.

BRSD Registration Form (you will need to complete the Registration Form as well as the FOIP Consent, Technology Use Forms, student fee textbook acknowledgement). ​

For more information please feel free to contact Laura Swanson:  780-672-2205 ​


There are currently no Instructional Fees for students at BROL.

Additional charges may apply if you are enrolled in another school, an adult student or not a resident of Alberta.

​Payment is accepted in cash, cheque or online. Please make cheques payable to: Battle River School Division.

Alberta Education Letter to Parents Regarding School Fees

Adult Students

Adult students are individuals who are 20 years of age or older on September 1, in the school year in which they apply to attend.​

The Division will assess a tuition fee for any adult student registered in a full program of specific courses. No tuition fee will be charged if the adult student is less than 20 years old. Fees must be paid in full before the start of any course.

Please call the school office to set up a meeting with the school Administrator.